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We’re a digital publishing and asset management company with a diverse and global reach

We reach over 3.1 million readers around the world


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About Qanva

We’re a digital publishing & asset management company

We are passionate about publishing high-quality content and managing digital properties. We offer an expansive portfolio of web-based assets where our readers can learn and engage with our content.

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We team up with industry-leading professionals

We partner with industry-leading professionals who plan, create, and govern our content. Qanva’s mission statement is to connect interested readers around the world with leading industry professionals so that they are able to learn and grow holistically.


Yearly Readers

We have a global reader base that is diverse and engaging


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Our articles and guides are designed to teach and inspire



Our content is accessed by readers all around the world


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Our content is created and vetted by industry experts

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We’ve got a global and engaging reader base

Our reader base spans 180+ countries with our primary readership coming from the United States. The content we publish is designed to educate, inspire, and engage readers across the world.

We offer well-researched articles, in-depth reviews, informative buying guides, and online courses with the aim of educating our readers and ensuring transparency and objectivity.


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We work with industry professionals, educators, teachers, organizations, and agencies across the globe. We offer flexible working hours, remote work arrangements, interactive on-boarding sessions, and a ton of fun! Why not join us? We’re always on the lookout for talent and passion.